matteo gatti

Matteo Gatti

I have a Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering and a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer, Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering.

I have a lot of experience in blogging: I currently manage LFFL, the biggest Italian blog about Linux. In the past I worked for GizBlog, Cryptonomist and created Cryptominando.

Want to know more? Visit my Portfolio or read my CV.

The way you learn anything is that something fails, and you figure out how not to have it fail again.

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In 2018 I managed to create with 3 friends a blog called Cryptominando. They are Emanuele, Michele and Stefano: we…

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I’m coding or writing…

I’m not answering you? That’s why I’m probably doing stuff like coding, browsing Stackoverflow, writing for a blog or learning…

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Free time

I have several things I like to do in my (little) free time. I’m a supporter of the best Italian…

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Engineers like to solve problems. If there are no problems handily available, they will create their own problems.